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Reeze L. Hanson "The One-Patch Renaissance"

Reeze L. Hanson, a native of northern Ohio, grew up sewing garments and home furnishing items. One of five siblings, life on the LaLonde farm was demanding and Reeze learned to sew at age 8 and has continued sewing ever since. An accomplished dressmaker, Reeze majored in Theatre in college and became a professional costume designer and teacher for the first 15 years of her professional career. Then her career took a dramatic turn when she completed her graduate work, gave up the theatre to teach speech and communication studies, and to raise a family. 

Reeze continued to sew as a custom dressmaker doing commission bridal and formal wear, but soon discovered quilting and dressmaking was abandoned! During the next 15 years she moved from being a novice quilter to a seasoned professional with her own pattern design company, Morning Glory Designs, which began in 2007.

Reeze lives in Ottawa, Kansas with her husband, critters and fabric stash. Reeze retired from  college teaching in 2015 after nearly 40 years as a professor.  Now Reeze has a busy schedule of traveling and teaching quilt classes both nationally and internationally.

The one-patch  quilt block — tumbler, hexagon, triangle, apple core, clam shell, or even the yo-yo — began as a way to efficiently use up household fabric scraps and make the best use of available time to hand piece. These quilts fell out of popularity in the 20th century with the availability of low cost reliable sewing machines and low cost fabric.  Time and labor-intensive hand piecing of scraps evolved, and in the 21st century with the popularity of English foundation piecing the one-patch (sometimes called a Charm quilt) quilt has experienced a renaissance!  This interesting lecture looks at the one-patch quilt through history showing how its resurgence in popularity is one of the primary influences behind the Modern Quilt movement. Trunk show of historical and modern one-patch quilts and the stories that make them compelling.