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Liz Granberg "One Block Wonder"

Liz Granberg-Jerome, our November Speaker is a custom quilter, teacher, designer, and owner of Gypsy Dreamer Quilts, was born and raised in California, but considers herself a Kansan after moving to raise her three children here over 30 years ago. She started quilting in 2006 while caring for her elderly father and quickly made the transition from a lifetime of sewing to becoming passionate about quilting. Her quilts have a flavor all their own as she creates unique layouts and color play for one-of-a-kind quilts.

Liz was inspired by a friend in 2010 to try her hand at a One Block Wonder quilt, made with 60 degree triangles. In 2015, she joined the One Block Wonder Forum on Facebook and was re-inspired to try it again. Quilters mentioned using panels to make OBWs and Liz took this idea and ran with it, creating her own twist with the Hexified Panel Quilts. T

Join Liz as she takes you through her journey using 60 degree triangles to make pieced hexies that produced a variety of quilts. Her journey has touched on One Block Wonders, Stack-and-Whacks, and has evolved into her original design Hexified Panel Quilts, a hybrid that merges techniques learned along the way.