Standing Rules of The Quilters Guild of Greater Kansas City



Charity/Gift Quilts Chair promotes the making of quilts to be donated to worthy causes such as hospitals and shelters.

Courtesy Chair makes coffee and hot water available for each general meetings' attendees. Upon occasion, special treats such as cake or cookies may be served for which she promotes members to volunteer to bring those treats.

Education Chair is in charge of special events in the community that may include demonstrations or lectures. She is the coordinating person for all the Quilting Bees.

Facebook/Gmail Account Chair regularly manages postings on the guild’s Facebook page. She monitors the guild’s Gmail account and forwards messages to the officers and committee heads as needed.

Finance Chair audits the Treasurer's financial records each June after election of officers has taken place.

Fun Chair organizes activities for the guild members to participate in if they so choose.

Library Chair maintains the library in an orderly fashion. She manages the checking out and returning of library materials. She purchases new materials upon approval by the Executive Board. She will put list of books on website.

Membership/Public Relations Chair assists with maintaining current records, greets members and handles publicity for the Guild. She is assisted by the Welcome Table person.

Newsletter Chair produces a monthly newsletter to be sent to the membership and other designated persons. Members may receive their newsletter by email or snail mail. If a meeting is canceled due to inclement weather, she or the President sends out that notice by email.

Property/Bulletin Board Chair maintains the property of the guild and knows where each item is located. She updates the bulletin board before each meeting with current information.

Quilt Show Chair manages the Guild’s bi-annual Quilt Show. Her term is for one (1) calendar year.

Retreat Chair promotes and organizes a yearly retreat.

Telephone Chair calls those members who do not have internet access in case the meeting is canceled due to inclement weather.

Transportation Chair promotes and organizes rides for those members who have difficulty getting to the general meetings.

Trips Chair promotes and organizes bus trips for guild sponsored out-of-town events.

Ways and Means Chair manages the fund raising efforts of the Guild. She is assisted by the opportunity quilt ticket person. The President assists her by organizing members to produce a yearly opportunity quilt.

Website Chair updates the guild’s website with current information periodically.