June 2019 - Ronnie Elmore - Log Cabin Tales

Ronnie Elmore of Manhattan, Kansas presented a program called “Log Cabin Tales”. He presented antique log cabin quilts from his collection and his unique log cabin creations. He definitely inspired us to think differently about this very enduring and versatile quilt pattern.

I was amazed at all the different patterns, modified patterns and layouts he presented. For me, the absolute best(s) were his Cherrywood Challenge quilts that started as log cabins and then his quilter thread-painted fantastic images on them. Be sure to check out all the pictures of his trunk show.

During Guild business, Sarah Rathjen, Nominating Committee Chair, presented the full slate of officers to President Carol Crouse. They were duly elected by the group.

Doris Conrad Displayed the model for the September Workshop:

Model of Worshop Project for September.

Model of Worshop Project for September.

Of course there was show and tell. Below is a “teaser”. Please click on the Facebook icon to see all the pictures there.