Workshop - Stephanie Brandenburg - Think Like an Artist

We had a great time in a joint workshop sponsored by Olathe, Lee’s Summit, and Greater Kansas City Quilt Guilds. It was not your usual workshop, but being taught by an artist, so we needed to find our inner creativity. Stephanie gave us a few (very few) directions, then we picked the fabric(s) we wanted to use and started in creating.

Some of us kept going back and buying more fabric, then a bit more, then just a few fat quarters that just had to come home with us - and not in our projects!

Stephanie supplied lots of embellishments, showing us her PowerPoint presentation of some ways to use them and sent us off to create further. I was amazed at the diversity of ideas. Some of us just stuck with tried and true. Others were truly artists!

Here’s what Stephanie wrote about us - These are some beautiful examples of the class I “taught” in Kansas City mid May. It never gets old for me. We start the class and everyone is nervous, anxious and sometimes even irritable.So I calmly instruct them to choose their fabrics because we will never make you work on something you don’t like. You get to choose your path on this art journey, to see the possibilities for you. As an artist that is the scary part.

Stephanie did a blog post on the Frond Design Studios site, with a link on Facebook. The rich colors and designs of her fabrics made all of us look great.