April 2019 - Susan Cleveland

We had an awesome time in April with Susan Cleveland - our meeting speaker, an afternoon workshop on bindings on meeting day, then a detailed workshop on Wednesday on Piping Hot Curves - Accent curves in quilts with binding.

Susan Cleveland starting presentation thumbnail.jpg

We started with the usual meeting. There was a lot of information given about the upcoming Quilt Festival. So much that we have made a seperate page for Quilt Shows here on the website. If you click on Activites, then Quilt Show in the right column, it will take you there.

Of course there was Show and Tell. In Patty’s absence, Becky Ball took the pictures and became quite “bossy” to frame pictures. You can see them all on our FaceBook Page .

Then we had a presentation by Susan B. Cleveland. She is such an entertaining speaker and makes awesome quilts. These pictures taken at our meeting under low light conditions, so you may want to Google her or check out her books for better viewing.

Many thanks to our great quilt holders - for the presentation: Molly, Gwen, and Nancy. For show and tell: Carol C., Doris and Rosemary. Without your help, there would be no pictures!