January 2019 - One Patch Renaissance with Reeze Hanson

The meeting started with the usual annoucements and such - see minutes for more details. A reminder was given about Calico Cut-Ups quilt show. It is Friday, February 8th and Saturday, Feb. 9th, 10am - 4pm, at the Salvation Army Community Center, 14700 E. Truman Road, Independence, MO. Admission is free.

Doris Conrad gave a review of the upcoming guild workshops. There are quite a few scheduled this year. Please plan to participate so we can continue having great workshops by the speakers.

During committee reports we had an inpromptu photo session of the group for the webmaven to try her hand at a better collage for the website membership page. (For collage click on the membership tab, but it still needs work.) So many fun snapshots appeared - they are shared here. You can click on a picture to make it larger and to scroll through them all.


Door Prizes

Of course there were door prizes - our speaker contributed 3 patterns - thanks, Reeze. They were drawn by our fearless leader, Carol.

Of course we had show and tell. For better pictures and more of them, see our Facebook page.

Break was followed by an excellent presentation with both slideshow and quilts. She was accompanied by her husband, the CEO of their company Morning Glory designs (Carries Everything Out). Her presentation was on One Patch Renaissance - the history, the driving principles especially the the geometry of one-patches in terms we could all understand. She then gave a review of the different patches with examples of vintage and current quilts, including ones she sells patterns for.

As she presented, multiple examples of the use of fusible were shown. She will be presenting on the different products at the Quilt Festival . She will also be presenting on Apple Core quilts, Winding Ways, and Electric Quilt 8. Below are some images of quilts / tops she displayed for the group. Click on the image to see it larger and click through the images.

A Workshop with Reeze Hanson followed the meeting.