August 2019 - Patricia Beaver - A funny thing happened when I moved to Utah

We were highly entertained by out great speaker, Patricia Beaver at our meeting. What a HOOT! She can certainly tell stories. She showed a great number of quilts and entertained us with stories pertaining to them. She has pieced quilts, fussy cut quilts, embroidered and colored quilts, applique quilts all unique. She was so much fun. I highly recommend her to any guild looking for a great speaker. She may be relocating to Greater Kansas City and we would certainly welcome her to our quilting community. Please enjoy the pictures of most of her quilts, even though you can’t hear the stories that go with them.

firsts pres and vp.jpg


Elaine’s first meeting as president
Linda’s first introduction of speaker as 1st VP

Of course there was Show and Tell. Here are a few, but for all the pictures click on the Facebook link on the sidebar. Quite a few of these were UFOs or workshop projects. If you click on the pictures below they will enlarge.

July 2019 - Installation of Officers and 44th anniversary celebration

On this 44th anniversary of the founding of the Quilters Guild of Greater Kansas City we were privileged to see the installation of the new officers for 2019-2020. B.J.Kruger was the spokesperson and did an excellent job. She gave flowers - fabric ones of course - to each of the officers as she read their office and duties. There was symbolism in the colors chosen for each office. Our new past president, Carol Crouse, received a bouquet of red roses. Our new co-presidents each received a bouquet of all the colors of the officers that will be working with them. Please enjoy the pictures below. There was laughter and fun as well as the seriousness of taking on new job responsibilites. If you click on a picture it will enlarge.

Officers for 2019-2020 Co-Presidents Elaine Lenz & Jill Dean, 1st Vice President (Programs) Linda Ehinger, 2nd Vice President (Workshops) Marjie Dykman,Treasurer Molly Hundley, Recording Secretary Karen Streiff, Member-At-Large Doris Carr, Past President Carol Crouse, Not Pictured - Corresponding Secretary Rosemary Garten.

co-presidents and door prizes.jpg

First Duties

The Co-Presidents Draw for the door prizes

Of course there was Show and Tell: Here’s a few, but click on the Facebook link to see all of the pictures.

After the meeting the group enjoyed a salad lucheon provided by the Executive Board and had a delicious dessert of the beautiful 44th Anniversary Cake - complete with LeMoyne Stars and frosting resembling quilting!

photoshopped cake.jpg

Community /Gift Quilts Sew-in

Following the luncheon, many stayed to work on the kits made up by the committee. Alarge number were finished either at the sew-in or taken home and completed. Please think about picking one of these to finish up.

June 2019 - Ronnie Elmore - Log Cabin Tales

Ronnie Elmore of Manhattan, Kansas presented a program called “Log Cabin Tales”. He presented antique log cabin quilts from his collection and his unique log cabin creations. He definitely inspired us to think differently about this very enduring and versatile quilt pattern.

I was amazed at all the different patterns, modified patterns and layouts he presented. For me, the absolute best(s) were his Cherrywood Challenge quilts that started as log cabins and then his quilter thread-painted fantastic images on them. Be sure to check out all the pictures of his trunk show.

During Guild business, Sarah Rathjen, Nominating Committee Chair, presented the full slate of officers to President Carol Crouse. They were duly elected by the group.

Doris Conrad Displayed the model for the September Workshop:

Model of Worshop Project for September.

Model of Worshop Project for September.

Of course there was show and tell. Below is a “teaser”. Please click on the Facebook icon to see all the pictures there.

Workshop - Stephanie Brandenburg - Think Like an Artist

We had a great time in a joint workshop sponsored by Olathe, Lee’s Summit, and Greater Kansas City Quilt Guilds. It was not your usual workshop, but being taught by an artist, so we needed to find our inner creativity. Stephanie gave us a few (very few) directions, then we picked the fabric(s) we wanted to use and started in creating.

Some of us kept going back and buying more fabric, then a bit more, then just a few fat quarters that just had to come home with us - and not in our projects!

Stephanie supplied lots of embellishments, showing us her PowerPoint presentation of some ways to use them and sent us off to create further. I was amazed at the diversity of ideas. Some of us just stuck with tried and true. Others were truly artists!

Here’s what Stephanie wrote about us - These are some beautiful examples of the class I “taught” in Kansas City mid May. It never gets old for me. We start the class and everyone is nervous, anxious and sometimes even irritable.So I calmly instruct them to choose their fabrics because we will never make you work on something you don’t like. You get to choose your path on this art journey, to see the possibilities for you. As an artist that is the scary part.

Stephanie did a blog post on the Frond Design Studios site, with a link on Facebook. The rich colors and designs of her fabrics made all of us look great.

May 2019 - Stephanie Brandenburg - The Origins of Frond

Our Speaker, Stephanie Brandenburg of Frond Design Studios gave us a glimpse into the world of fabric design, manufacturing and distribution. She is the first to say she is an artist, not a quilter, but she is learning - especially about such things as 1/4” seam allowances. She is known for her artistic designs, especially flowers.

When she originally was asked to design fabric she created a painting of her design - she thought that was the way everyone designed fabric. When they told her she would need additional colorways, she painted more. Then she learned about the use of pantone colors - and showed us strike-offs of one of her panels with pantone colors running down the side.

Frond Design Studios is an all women, all American company. Everyone does every job - from designing fabric, loading trucks, going to shows . . .. You can find out more about them by going to .

Now for the best part - pictures of everything she showed us!

There was, of course, a meeting as well as a speaker. Annoucements were given and these can be found in the meeting minutes located on the Resources page.

Of course there was show and tell! First was the Reveal of the Mystery Quilt designed by Fun Chair Karen Tanyi. We tried to get pictures of all of them, but . . . .

Of course there was “regular” Show and Tell. We hope you have enjoyed these pictures on our Facebook page.

April 2019 - Susan Cleveland

We had an awesome time in April with Susan Cleveland - our meeting speaker, an afternoon workshop on bindings on meeting day, then a detailed workshop on Wednesday on Piping Hot Curves - Accent curves in quilts with binding.

Susan Cleveland starting presentation thumbnail.jpg

We started with the usual meeting. There was a lot of information given about the upcoming Quilt Festival. So much that we have made a seperate page for Quilt Shows here on the website. If you click on Activites, then Quilt Show in the right column, it will take you there.

Of course there was Show and Tell. In Patty’s absence, Becky Ball took the pictures and became quite “bossy” to frame pictures. You can see them all on our FaceBook Page .

Then we had a presentation by Susan B. Cleveland. She is such an entertaining speaker and makes awesome quilts. These pictures taken at our meeting under low light conditions, so you may want to Google her or check out her books for better viewing.

Many thanks to our great quilt holders - for the presentation: Molly, Gwen, and Nancy. For show and tell: Carol C., Doris and Rosemary. Without your help, there would be no pictures!

March - Jan Patek - Quilts as Refrigerator Art

The meeting was opened by our President Carol Crouse.

There were reports from various officers, committee heads, fun chair, and the representative to the quilt festival. More information about the festival can be found on the website. We still need some more people to white glove for the Preview night. See the newsletter for more information and for forms needed for the various quilt entries.

Of course there was show and tell. Below is a few pictures, but see our Facebook page for all of them.

Our speaker was Jan Patek. She shared her delightful anecdotes about becoming a quilt pattern designer. She showed early quilts and described designing patterns as a way to pay for fabric. By the end of the presentation she was telling us about designing fabrics for Moda, receiving 5 yards of each fabric, and now having more fabric than she can use. I was especially interested in all the purples she now designs for Moda. Here are pictures of some of the quilt s she presented.

Thanks to our great quilt holders: Doris Carr, Rosemary Garten, Carol Marcks and BJ Krueger.

February 2019 - From Humble Beginnings

Our meeting started with Announcements by President Carol Crouse.

  • There is an elevator present in the room. If you need to use it, contact Carol Russell (cell number in directory) who usually arrives by 8:30 and she will meet you upstairs with the elevator. Access is from the front of the church where there are no steps.

  • There is a new retreat center in Ozark, MO that will hold about 7 guests. It is 20 miles from Springfield. More information in the minutes and on the bulletin board.

  • Annoucements about the Quilt Festival - our quilt show for this year. More information is on the website:

    • Our guild is responsible for Preview night. Volunteers needed.

    • A lot of items will be for sale at the next two Guild meetings. Here’s the order form. See Gretchen.

    • Small quilts are still needed and should be turned in by the end of March.

    • If you are entering a judged quilt, the entry form is different from the guild entries. See directions on the main Festival website Carol said the first 100 quilts entered will be accepted March 1 thru April 15th.

    • If you are donating a small quilt for the silent auction, the form is here.

  • Sarah Rathjen is taking responsibility for the guild quilts that will be hung. Sarah needs two photos, measurements and a form for each entry due March 15th. “Rules” for entries can be found here.

  • Sarah also reported that the Nominating Committee was looking for multiple volunteers.

Of course there was show and tell - see all the pictures on our Facebook page, but here are a few teasers:

Our Speaker was Kathy Delaney. She showed quilts that she has made and told us about her journey in quilting from her humble beginning to present day.

After the meeting there was a sale of unfinished quilt tops made by Bonnie Rosen. These were donated to the guild by her family. What a bittersweet moment. Here are pictures of a few of them.

January 2019 - One Patch Renaissance with Reeze Hanson

The meeting started with the usual annoucements and such - see minutes for more details. A reminder was given about Calico Cut-Ups quilt show. It is Friday, February 8th and Saturday, Feb. 9th, 10am - 4pm, at the Salvation Army Community Center, 14700 E. Truman Road, Independence, MO. Admission is free.

Doris Conrad gave a review of the upcoming guild workshops. There are quite a few scheduled this year. Please plan to participate so we can continue having great workshops by the speakers.

During committee reports we had an inpromptu photo session of the group for the webmaven to try her hand at a better collage for the website membership page. (For collage click on the membership tab, but it still needs work.) So many fun snapshots appeared - they are shared here. You can click on a picture to make it larger and to scroll through them all.


Door Prizes

Of course there were door prizes - our speaker contributed 3 patterns - thanks, Reeze. They were drawn by our fearless leader, Carol.

Of course we had show and tell. For better pictures and more of them, see our Facebook page.

Break was followed by an excellent presentation with both slideshow and quilts. She was accompanied by her husband, the CEO of their company Morning Glory designs (Carries Everything Out). Her presentation was on One Patch Renaissance - the history, the driving principles especially the the geometry of one-patches in terms we could all understand. She then gave a review of the different patches with examples of vintage and current quilts, including ones she sells patterns for.

As she presented, multiple examples of the use of fusible were shown. She will be presenting on the different products at the Quilt Festival . She will also be presenting on Apple Core quilts, Winding Ways, and Electric Quilt 8. Below are some images of quilts / tops she displayed for the group. Click on the image to see it larger and click through the images.

A Workshop with Reeze Hanson followed the meeting.

Christmas program - Churn dash quilts and Christmas dinner

This was the end of the year for the UFO challenge - Willie McCollum won the flying needle award for having 26 of her listed UFOs finished during the year. Honourable mention went to Kerri Booth for finishing 5 of her 6 listed UFOs; Molly Huntley for 7 out of 9, and Ramona Collins for 8 out of 10. Each REPORTED finish gets one ticket in the drawing.

Nancy Greenlaugh won $50 in the drawing.


Flying Needle award


$50 award from drawing of finishedUFOs

Totals were given for yearly contributions of community quilts - 82 total quilts with another 6 to still be delived this year. They were given to:

Truman Hospital 55 crib size quilts plus 10 baby afghans - Ozanam 17 twin size quilts - Hillside Nursing Home 7 lap size quilts - Sunflower House 3 large lap quilts to be used for their February auction.

Churn Dash presentation by Candy Hargrove

Our own member Candy Hargrove presented a huge number of churn dash quilts she has made or collected. Some of them are shown below.

Christmas dinner - a catered affair

Doris Carr, member-at-large, and Farilen Coates arranged for dinner to be catered by HyVee, a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. It was enjoyed by all.

Of course there was show and tell

See our Facebook page for more pictures.


And the guild only raffle quilt went to: Lisa White !!!